Since childhood, Deirdre found great satisfaction in focusing on the tiniest of details. She contemplated from a young age how she could make a living from her doodles, understanding it was in the stars to follow her  passion of "creating" or live a life unfulfilled.

She took a basic silversmith class in high school, an apprenticeship for a few years, and then hit the road on a trip that ultimately lasted 20 years.


After completing a massage certification in the early 1980's from Dr. Scherer's Academy of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico she assistant taught for a year with her beloved massage teacher.


In 1984 she owed $5 to her favorite clothing store, Bodhi Bazaar. Paying off her debt by steaming clothes, she ended up in the position of clothing buyer and store manager. This dream job lasted 5 years, but then change was in the air.

With her 5 year old daughter Alita,  she took an exploratory trip to Montana for a future move. Upon returning to Santa Fe she began a sales position in one of the city's most beautiful galleries. Deirdre sold the work of many local artists & artisans. After a time she began thinking she needed to focus more on her own work than that of others and once again began to make jewelry. With the generosity of a few local jewelers she was able to acquire skills that would ultimately launch her into her own business.


Finally moving to Montana when Alita was 7, she discovered it was necessary for her to create a way to make a living since job opportunities were slim. After 6 years in what felt like a very remote place, Deirdre knew it was time to kick her dabbling up a notch and truly focus on a business.


"Heart at Work" was born in her sunny basement studio in Livingston MT when her son Dakota was 2 years old.


Her east coast muse finally called her back to its shores in the late 1990's. Cape Cod felt like a place she could settle into the arts community.


Upon acceptance into the Artisans Guild of Cape Cod & The Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen, Deirdre finally began her current business in earnest. She began doing the local craft show circuit & quickly built a steady following. She currently does about 30 shows per year as well as home shows.

Her inspiration is drawn from basic elements that inspire each of us on a daily basis; the endless cycles of nature, love flowing from one heart to another, a garden, a primitive pattern, a phrase, or the nothingness of the ALL.

She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to travel with friends, educators & students to Haiti in February of 2003 & 2004 where she taught jewelry making techniques to a handful of very talented, eager Haitian teenagers who are currently producing beautiful work. She sustains her connections with this beloved community by helping with ongoing fundraising efforts and the occasional "love letter" of support. Haiti is in her heart and the desire to return resides there as well.

Deirdre was a featured guest on HGTV's "Crafters Coast to Coast" in '04-'05.

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